Making Things Happen!

There is an old saying. “There are three type of people; those that make thing happen, those that watch them happen and those that wonder what happened.”  Which are you?  More importantly which would you like to be?

Every great thing that has ever happened began as an idea in someone’s mind.  Ideas are very important, because nothing ever happens without an idea.

BUT the idea is only the beginning.  Conventional wisdom says that ideas are a dime a dozen.  I believe that’s not true – they are a nickel a gross.  An idea is a very exciting thing, however, without implementation it is nothing but a fleeting thought flying through the cosmos with millions of others.  The best idea not implemented or acted upon is as unimportant, unimpressive and worthless.  It is like star-dust floating in the vast universe.

So the next time you have a brilliant idea, don’t just sit there, do something about it.  Make things happen. Fire up the passion you need to see it through.  Transfer the passion to those that can help you.  The beginning always comes with a struggle.  You can push trough and win.  But you must be one of the people who make things happen.  And you can only be the one making things happen if you stop watching things happen and stop wondering what happened.


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